October 23,2010 Freebies

October 23, 2010

Today’s freebies include: Two small boxes of tissues from Kleenex, a sample of Aleve, Jergens Lotion samples, Pringles coupon, Harriet Carter catalog and Family Circle Magazine.


2 weeks worth of freebies

October 21, 2010

Freebies I have gotten in the past weeks include:
Line one: Two Wisk samples, a Life cereal bar (which I was going to eat until I saw that it contained coconut. Why must coconut be used as flavoring?), Glad ForceFlex bag sample.
Line two: Iron Man 2 dvd courtesy of HitPredictor, EveryDay with Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart Living, and two Advil coupons.
Line three: Victoria’s Secret Pink coupon for free panties, Post It samples and coupons, Listia win, and Johnsonville Deli Bite samples.
Line four: Kraft coupons, Sutter Home for Hope package, All Terrain Lip Balm, and PowerSox socks.
Line five: Loreal sample and Garnier Sample.

Today my freebies were a $25 Amazon Gift Card from ViewPoints and a $20 HSN Gift Card from their current instant win game.


Pumpkin carving!!!

October 7, 2010

I had never carved a pumpkin until this year. My husband bought me a pumpkin this year so I finally got to carve one. He is a few days old due to not having batteries in my camera, but I think it still looks okay.


More freebie photos

October 7, 2010

I haven’t uploaded freebies in a while. Not my fault, my batteries in the camera died. Yes, I am so low tech that I still have camera that runs on actual batteries instead of one that charges on the computer. Anyway, here are a lot of freebies that I have gotten lately.


Last week’s freebies.

September 18, 2010

Last week my husband was on vacation, so I didn’t really get around to posting freebies. So here is a whole bunch of freebies. First is a Listia win. Next is some stickers that came with some Disney junk mail. Ladies’ Home Journal and Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine. Ronco spaghetti, an Everlast Energy Bar and a paddle ball set from a Carl Jr. Instant Win game. After that is a Dippin’ Dots cup and Downy fabric softener courtesy of VocalPoint.



September 7, 2010

No freebies to post today, so I thought I would post the first quilling project I have ever done. Quilling is quite fun.



September 3, 2010

I have a couple complaints today.

First complaint is with FedEx SmartPost. I ordered something from Amazon. It was shipped via FedEx SmartPost. This system works this way: FedEx takes it so far then it hands it to the post office and lets them deliver it. Well as of the twenty-ninth of August my order was forty-five minutes from me. As of today I have not received my item. The USPS does not have it. FedEx SmartPost can not find it. Their answer is that it will either be sent to the Post Office by about Tuesday or it could have been damaged. Basically their answer is that it arrived at the shipping facility and it hasn’t been heard from since. Amazon says I have to wait til the thirteenth of this month to claim it lost so I can get another one. I am quite mad. Especially since the “fairy” I talked to at FedEx hung up on me just because I said I hope that Amazon does not continue to use this service.

My second complaint is about some washcloths that I bought from Walmart. The tag says dark colors may bleed. They should have said that dark colors will put out enough dye to dye clothing. I am not very happy with these washcloths.